Twilight Artistry has been providing Long Island, New York, Northern New Jersey and Manhattan with high quality photography since 2005.

Why Twilight Artistry?

Capturing Thousands of Words in the Blink of an Eye

There’s no single more powerful sales tool than a well-composed photograph of your space. No marketing material your money can buy is going to influence people nearly as much as a pristine image that captures the essence of the subject you hold dear. If you’re serious about making an impact, you need to invest in professional commercial photography.

Uncommon Expertise is Indispensable

Like medicine or law, photography is a broad field, filled with specialists. You wouldn’t want a neurosurgeon handling a nose job, or a mergers and acquisitions lawyer helping with your estate. So why would you ask a wedding photographer to capture the nuances of the latest feather in your cap of properties?

Twilight Artistry specializes in the photography of real estate, interior designs, and architecture—making the company a perfect fit for all your commercial photography needs.

A Distillation of Your Space

Like the Alchemists of old, Twilight Artistry breaks your space down to its essential elements: the perfection of the lines; the vibrant coloration; and the exquisiteness of the design and craftsmanship. Highlighting the best aspects of your space in order to make a compelling visual case to consumers is what Twilight Artistry does.

The result is a series of crystal clear images—photographs which will serve to communicate the precise details of your space to your clients. The attention to detail in these images will highlight the time and effort which you’ve put into your endeavor. The impact of the photographs on the eyes of your clientele as they get to admire the hard edges, smooth curves, and brilliant textures of your work can’t be overstated.

One of New York’s Finest, Just Like You

Twilight Artistry’s offices are located on the western part of Long Island and the company serves the entire New York City Metro area. A large number of the company’s clients are based in Manhattan, but Twilight Artistry routinely works in all five boroughs.

Who Exactly is Behind Twilight Artistry?

Brian Berkowitz: Commercial Photographer & Master Retoucher

The son of a professional photographer, Brian grew up with a camera in his hand. He started making money assisting various professionals in the photography business at just 15, and chose to study at New York City’s prestigious School of Visual Arts. Though he initially intended to focus on photography, a switch to the film department was in the cards as Brian came to realize that he wanted to broaden his understanding of multimedia production.

Since his graduation from SVA, Brian has worked consistently in the film and photography industries. He notably held a position at a top retouching studio in Manhattan—a job which allowed him to master the art of bringing out the absolute best in photographs. He founded a commercial video production company in 2009 and returned to the world of commercial photography at that time, adopting a focus on photographing real estate, interior design, architecture and commercial spaces.

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